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Salesforce Integration Updates!

July 11, 2023


On the heels of a new Pipedrive integration, we're excited to announce some massive upgrades to our Salesforce connector. Our team has been working hard in the background with the goal of enhancing control & efficiency while becoming the most comprehensive Salesforce integration you'll find in any PRM. 

Now, let's dive into the updates:
  • Customization: We now allow you to map partner data into fields of your choice in Salesforce. This provides context about which partner referred a deal.
  • Mapping Improvements: "Text" type fields can now be mapped into pick lists for enhanced flexibility.
  • Better Duplicate Handling: We've updated our duplicate handling, allowing you the option to adopt the existing object in Salesforce.
  • Linking Existing Opportunities: We've improved how you can link existing opportunities from Salesforce into PartnerPortal.io.
    On the technical front, we've added:
  • Improved Text Mapping: You can now map any text value to a pick list field, providing more options for using fields on your portal.
  • Data from Partner Objects: We now support partner objects passing data into Salesforce, making it easier to identify who submitted the lead to you.
  • Advanced Error Handling: Our updated error handling options offer the choice to either error out on a duplicate or adopt it and push changes going forward.
  • Cleanup Options: Decide whether we delete the objects just created prior to the errors occurring with the "don't clean up" versus "cleanup" options.

    If you're an existing customer, you can try these new updates today! If you're considering PartnerPortal.io, we invite you to request a demo to see the impressive functionality of our Salesforce Integration firsthand. 

    We're thrilled for you to give it a go!
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