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Strong communication and frequent engagement are vital when it comes to developing a successful partner program.

With our announcements feature, you'll always stay top of mind with each of your partners. By combining our automated notifications and timely announcements, you'll elevate the welcome experience and maintain steady communication as the partnership continues to flourish.


Within your portal, you'll have the option to post announcements to your feed and determine if and when you want your partners to be notified. Being that the announcements dashboard is the first thing your partners will see when they log in, this is a great opportunity to include onboarding instructions and company news as it happens in real-time.

As an extension to our announcements feature, we provide a number of optional notifications for you and your partners to toggle on or off. For example: Each time a new partner registers, your admin and staff admin will be notified of the pending new partner, as well as each time you receive a new lead. 

Want to do more co-selling? One of the advantages of operating in a virtual environment with your partners is the ability to engage in direct dialogue on high-value leads. With our comment notifications, you'll be able to stay engaged across deal activity and deal updates without ever leaving your portal. 


If you'd like to explore additional ways to stay top of mind with your partners and deeper automations, ask your CSM about our partnership with! 

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