How Searchspring Doubled Their Partner-Sourced Revenue

Early on, Searchspring knew their partner channel would lead to revenue, but it was growing quicker than expected. At the start of 2020, Nicole Kappner, Partner Manager, supported by her Partner Marketing Managers, Thomas Turley and Briar Tedesco, began laying the foundation for what would become an industry admired partner program (but it didn’t happen overnight!)

Nicole’s investment into the right tools became an early priority, “leads were trickling in and like many other partner teams, we were using a spreadsheet.” Because you can’t share a CRM with your partners, tracking leads can become an early roadblock to growth.

Here at, we call this the "Last Mile" problem.

On average 58% of the leads that ‘request contact’ are never addressed by the sales team unless there is a formalized system in place. The value of a partnership is often the intangibles (co-marketing, co-branding) but at the end of the day, leads equate to the most important benefit of a partnership: Revenue.

During the planning phase, Nicole evaluated partner management systems and decided on because it was easy to navigate and offered a native integration to HubSpot. Within a few weeks, Nicole’s partners could register, submit new leads and automatically queue opportunities directly into their HubSpot deal pipeline. With this proactive step, the “Last Mile” problem never became a reality at Searchspring.

As partner activity increased, Nicole began taking advantage of the additional benefits with, including a dedicated Resource Center and the ability to issue commission payments when a lead made its way to Closed Won. Nicole, being the power-user she is, also began leveraging Categories and Groups in the Resource Center saving hours of back and forth with partner questions which will inevitably arise.

Our partners love it, I show to every new partner and it further solidifies our commitment to their experience - it lets them know we’re serious!

Since first becoming a customer, Searchspring has doubled the number of partners while continuing to create a revenue generating channel for the business. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to take a look at Searchspring’s partner program for more info!

A bit about Searchspring:

Searchspring is a SaaS company whose mission is to give e-commerce merchandisers superpowers. They do so by enhancing the site search, navigation, recommendation and personalization of their customers' e-commerce stores. These services combined with advanced reporting and insights has made them successful in not only achieving a high conversion rate but also in demand for affiliate partnerships.

A bit about us: is a leading partner enablement software designed to improve the experience between you and your partners. The platform was designed with self-service in mind, removing past obstacles around implementation and onboarding and instead allowing customers to focus on growing their partnerships. has been recognized in Forrester’s Channel Software Tech Stack and the G2 Partner Grid since 2019.

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