Metrics: Measure Partner Impact

Managing a partner program isn't easy. Demonstrating channel success and your value internally can be equally challenging. As the program launches your organization into the unicorn limelight, we’ll give you the data to back it up.

With our beautifully designed charts and graphs, you might even look forward to your next all-hands meeting. Seriously. 


You can stop hacking disjointed reports with Monday, Notion, Airtable, your CRM and BI tools. Metrics will provide the raw data points you need to visualize success in a pinch.

Metrics by will help you showcase the program impact month over month, and quarter over quarter. By integrating each lead into your CRM, we'll provide invaluable insights ranging from individual close rates, total commissions issued, total partner revenue generated, to the general impact your program is producing for your organization.

When a partner sends you a lead, our custom lead generation form will also organize the types of requests you’re receiving across your program. This becomes a powerful data point, giving Metrics the ability to highlight the integrations and services that are most frequently influencing your sales pipeline. 

The next time your CEO pings you for a partnership success story, you won’t need to scramble to your CRM or your sales team on Slack. We’ll give you the talk track you need, highlighting the partners that are leading the way. 

If you’re interested in learning more about ways to Sell Value of Partnerships to your Executive Team, make sure and check out the webinar we did with Typeform and Crossbeam (recording here). 

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