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Prep your partners for success by hosting resources, sales collateral, logos, battle-cards, API documentation and more. Our permission-based grouping system allows flexibility to share files with your partners 1:1, 1:few and 1:many.

Our resource center supports media streaming from YouTube, Vimeo, Loom, Canva, and embed functionality through our pre-approved learning management systems.


One of the most time-consuming activities for a partner manager is fielding redundant support requests for materials. Say goodbye to those days! Each partner will have a unique experience in your portal as they navigate to handpicked files and videos. Depending on the categories you create and the permissions you provide, each partner can observe a completely different set of resources. 

All uploaded files and resources will start within our General Availability folder before you begin sorting a unique grouping system. Some of the most common custom groups include permissions for Resellers, Referral Partners, Technology Partners, Affiliate Partners and Strategic Partners. Keep in mind, all naming conventions and folder hierarchy will be up to you.

Save time, say goodbye to redundancy, get your partners what they need, and avoid unwanted distribution of outdated documents.

Want to take partner enablement to the next level? 

If you’re considering a learning management system (LMS) we have the ability to embed courses from our pre-approved LMS partners, and MyLearningHub. Native LMS integrations are also available in the portal for a more streamlined experience, please reach out to your CSM for rates.

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