Payments: Commissions made simple

Offering a referral fee or commission is a great way to incentivize your partners, especially when you're just starting out.

Whether you plan on offering commission payments in perpetuity, or you prefer to have payments expire, our commission engine will enable a custom-tailored approach to your program. 

Not planning on paying your partners? We also have the ability to turn off any mention of payments, referral fees or commissions in your portal.


To encourage long-term success, we've also built a partner tiering system that is tied directly to the revenue you receive from your partners (see above). All naming conventions, commission percentages, and calculation frequency is configurable. We also give you the option to hide or reveal these tiers to your partners. 

You shouldn’t pay a price for rewarding partners. At, there are zero extra fees applied to commission payments. 

You’ve earned the right to pay your partners, why should your PRM or anyone else get a cut? When you issue a payment to your partners through PayPal, you are only responsible for the standard payment processing fees and nothing else. 

Why is a 0% surcharge a big deal? Unfortunately, some of our competitors charge an additional 3% every time you pay your partners. By using our platform and avoiding these surcharges, customers save an average of $4,500/year.

Above all, transparency is key. Your partners will always have full visibility on the payments they've received as well as any pending payments. You and your team will also have the option to track payments, export transactions and limit which users can see this sensitive data.

Interested in following along with our future payment updates? Use our chat bot to speak to our team now.

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