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It's official. You can stop logging into multiple partner portals. 

The best partnerships are reciprocal, i.e. you can’t take money out of the ATM until you make a deposit. With Opportunities enabled, you can track the leads you send to your partners even if they don’t have a portal. 

Welcome to a new era of partnerships!

Partner platforms traditionally operate with a one-sided and disjointed workflow that doesn't account for a bi-directional lead exchange. When it's time to return the favor with a lead of your own, you search your inbox to find the link to your partner's portal and zip a lead into attribution-ether. Stop the madness! 

When this feature is enabled in PartnerPortal.io, you can select and send leads to the partners of your choosing. With this functionality built-in, you won't need to log into your partners' portals to send leads. Even better, your partners don't need to be a PartnerPortal.io customer to accept or decline the lead. 

Launch a two-way lead exchange in 3 easy steps: 

1.) Submit the lead: From your portal, fill out the details and select a category.

2.) Select the best-fit partners: Depending on the ask, you’ll want to select partners that specialize in the product or service being requested. Choose up to 20 partners who can accept or decline the new lead.

3.) Consult: If your partners have questions about the lead, we provide a two-way chat directly within the app.

The next time someone asks you for a recommendation, zip a referral to all of your partners with ease. If you'd like to explore additional ways to stay top of mind with your partners, consider signing up for our newsletter.

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