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Launching a virtual environment for your partners shouldn’t take months to build, that’s why we offer full customization in a matter of minutes. Our design features provide you control over branding, logos, fonts, colors, and the URL of your choice, so your portal will become a direct extension of your site.


Any rebranding or future changes are simple, heck, we’ll even design your portal for you if you like. 

Putting the final touches on a freshly minted portal is one of our favorite “delight moments" when helping our customers get started! Our designers can provide a custom portal within 48 hours of your request (which you can do here).

Portal Styles offer a selection of fonts, logos and colors that will be viewed by your partners before and after they login. The branding configuration is organized by the side panel, login screen, top bar and buttons, providing full flexibility to make your portal look exactly how you want it.

Before a partner registers or signs in, you’ll have the option to display 4 external pages: Sign-In, Program, Register and Contact. Within the Program tab specifically, we allow for full image and body customization, giving you the flexibility to spin up an entire landing page if you choose to. Here’s a great example of a customer, FundraiseUp, who is creatively leveraging the Program Tab for inspiration.

If you’re curious as to how your portal will look for your partners, be sure to create a Test Partner. Here’s a quick How-To Guide.

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