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Using a shared spreadsheet to track deals can get tedious for any ambitious partner team. Your partners expect a formalized process to send you new business, so why not give it to them?

By using our platform, we'll introduce a structured registration process for new deals and opportunities while ensuring lead attribution stays clear and transparent.


Deal Registration is powered by a customized form that you and your team can craft and design. With our custom form builder, you can collect the lead insights you'll need to be successful while enriching new prospect intel directly into your CRM.

The action doesn't stop after a deal is registered, that's why we've introduced notes and comments. At any point in the sales cycle, you and your partner can engage in direct dialogue on the lead level, paving the way for a natural co-selling motion and virtual high-fives.

With shared CRM visibility across every new lead, your partners can stay involved and track any deal they've submitted in real-time. As a deal progresses from Proposal, Negotiation to Closed Won within your CRM, partners can follow along each step of the way.

Meet with our team to dive deeper, and discover additional ways can help you formalize your process.  Or claim your custom portal to get started!

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