Automation: Simplify at Scale

With our native accounting, CRM and account mapping integrations, you can confidently deploy a turnkey "set it and forget it" approach to your partner program. 

Whether you want to automate partner registration, or something more complex, such as partner commissions, our platform is designed to automate your program throughout the entire lifecycle of your partnership.


Although you work closely with your partners, you're obviously not going to share your CRM or give them a front-row seat to sensitive data. For that reason, our most popular integrations happen to be our native CRM connectors with HubSpot and Salesforce.

With our CRM automations, you can approve partner-submitted leads directly into your own sales pipeline, while still automating important updates for your partners such as Deal Stage, Close Date, and Close Value. 

Once a deal closes, the automation doesn't stop there. 

Our payment integrations with PayPal and (coming soon!) allow you to set up pre-designed payment schedules for each of your partners when a deal closes. When you want your partners to be paid on the first of every month, quarterly, or annually, our custom commission engine can do it all. 

Warning: A well-oiled partner program will result in a large volume of transactions. As a result, your CFO will not equally revel in your success if it means she has to do manual jobs to keep up. 

With accounting integrations into both Quickbooks Online and Stripe, reconciling and performing manual commission tallies are a thing of the past. Once these integrations have been turned on, we'll map your partners and leads directly into your accounting software giving you a fully automated commission schedule that mirrors your own accounts receivable. 

In addition to we'll be launching a number of automated workflows. Please be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest. 

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