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Reseller Permissions: A Game-Changer for Your Partner Forecast

April 21, 2023


PartnerPortal.io is thrilled to announce its new reseller permissions feature, designed to streamline and enhance the forecasting process for your partners. With this new permission setting, your partners will now have the ability to make updates on your behalf, eliminating the need for constant check-ins and manual work.

ppio_blog_resellerTraditionally, when a deal was registered by a partner, the partner manager was responsible for regularly following up with their partners to obtain the necessary details about the deal. This involved confirming close dates, potential revenue, notes on the relationship, and updated deal stages, all of which were time-consuming and tedious.

However, with PartnerPortal.io's reseller permissions feature, your partners can start forecasting for you. When a lead is registered, your resellers can select and update close dates, deal phases, and potential contract values.

Each time your reseller makes an update, changes will be pushed directly back into your HubSpot.

Previously, gaining these insights required partner managers to meet with their partners and review each potential deal using a spreadsheet. With the launch of reseller permissions, partner managers can now simply log in and review all the forecasted deals.

In addition, the feature includes the ability to leave comments directly on the lead after an update has been made. These comments and activity within the portal will be pushed directly to the deal record in HubSpot, providing visibility to the C-suite, sales team, and additional partner members as they navigate the pipeline in their own HubSpot instance.

PartnerPortal.io's new reseller permissions feature is a game-changer for partner forecasting. It will help eliminate manual work and provide increased visibility into your pipeline, all while improving collaboration with your partners. So why wait? Try out PartnerPortal.io's reseller permissions feature today and take your forecasting to the next level!

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