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Announcement: Partner Metrics Have Arrived!

September 15, 2022

Managing a partner program without PartnerPortal.io isn't easy, but do you know what's harder? Surfacing the success metrics needed to convince your company that partnerships are the hidden force behind every Closed Won opportunity.

That newly signed partnership is more than just a press release and a co-marketing opportunity. The world must know!


We listened to these frustrations regularly from our customers as they walked us through the "hacks" that plugged across Salesforce, HubSpot, Monday, Notion, Airtable, Tableau, Domo, and the list went on. While a well-executed hack is impressive, most teams do not have the resources or time available to build these dashboards. With that, we're excited to introduce our new feature, Metrics!

We listened to these frustrations regularly from our customers... we're excited to introduce our new feature, Metrics!

Equipped with a fully expanded impact dashboard, we'll help you produce digestible reports that outline the revenue your program is producing and which partners are leading the way. Maybe you want to understand the products, integrations and services that are most frequently influencing your sales pipeline? Or the lead progression across your partners? We've got you covered.


It's Monday morning and SKO is coming up. Your CEO sends you a note asking for recent wins and success stories from your partners. You scramble and begin compiling data points from all over the place. Your CRM seems like a good place to start, but soon you realize the numbers aren't quite right; there are things missing. From there, you head to your marketing automation platform to sift through lead reports, all the while pinging your sales team on Slack and combing through account activity to determine the age-old question: Was this deal influenced by a partner? 

Extreme case: If you're replaying calls on Chorus to determine whether an AE mentioned one of your partners in a sales call - STOP - You've gone too far. Here's a great resource to automate call recordings and automate partner influence and attribution.ppio_metrics (1)

Current customer? If you don't see this in your portal, please let us know and we'll get it live for you. Here's a quick little GIF preview.


You no longer need to scramble to piece together an overview of your partner program. PartnerPortal.io's Metrics does that for you. We put you in the driver seat, with key data points at your fingertips, to ensure you can take the best next steps in you partner management and growth.

If you have suggestions or recommended data points that you'd like to see in your PartnerPortal.io Metrics dashboard, please email us at getanswers@partnerportal.io with "Metrics" in the subject line. We're all ears!

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