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The Rumors Are True... We have a Free Plan!

January 10, 2022

Having worked with more than 1,000 B2B brands globally, the team here at PartnerPortal.io has learned a number of very interesting statistics that support our decision to provide a free partner management option. Here are just a few:

1) B2B organizations are launching programs earlier than ever. The majority of our customers launched their partner programs before they had 100 direct customers.

2) Our customers’ sales cycles are 40% faster when a partner is involved in a deal

3) Our customers' deals are 19% more likely to close when a partner is involved in a deal.

This is massive!

blocks_free2The mounting pressure to maintain revenue is a constant challenge for partner managers. Whether you're being tasked to uncover new revenue streams or pivot away from old strategies, businesses are leaning into partnerships more than ever.

A few years ago, our team conducted an evaluation across the major partner platforms and would have LOVED a free plan option. At the time, we were operating an agency with 15+ core partners and needed a simple solution to manage new leads and partner relationships. We searched for flexible options across the partner relationship space and kept turning up empty. Existing vendors required long-term contracts, labor-intensive implementation and all of them were out of our price range.

"With years of SaaS experience among the founding team, we decided it was time to democratize the space."

Today, we’re excited to announce a free plan that will give any organization access to its own custom partner portal. Free portal access will be available up to five partners, removing the financial obstacles that prevent you from evolving, building, and formalizing your partner program.

Eddie Patzsch, CEO here at PartnerPortal.io, and firm believer that businesses of all sizes deserve the chance to scale their partnerships, remarked, "With years of SaaS experience among the founding team, we decided it was time to democratize the space. Today with the addition of a Free option we can further fulfill our promise."

If you’re reading this announcement and just getting started in your search for a custom partner portal, please visit our pricing page to sign-up. We look forward to working with you, and helping where we can along the way!

The Team at PartnerPortal.io 

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