Data-Driven Partnerships: The Flip CX & Success Story

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Flip CX is transforming customer service in eCommerce, retail, and transportation by integrating an Alexa-like Voice experience, making interactions friendlier and more efficient for brands like Vuori, GNC, and Brooklinen. With around 100 partners categorized as either technology partners, channel partners, or ambassadors, Flip CX has utilized since January 2023 for partner management. We discussed the platform's impact and the partner program with Shawn Li, Vice President of Demand & Partnerships at Flip CX.


Before adopting, Flip CX faced significant challenges in managing its partner program. The company's CRM, Shawn commented, was “great for tracking deal opportunities, and moving them through the sales and marketing funnel, but was really not designed with partners in mind.” Partners expressed a clear need for transparency and accountability, seeking to monitor the progress of deals without the cumbersome process of requesting exports from Flip CX's CRM. This lack of visibility hindered effective communication and dampened partner enthusiasm, which underscored the need for a specialized solution that could cater to the unique requirements of partner management. 

Flip CX struggled to add new partners without a centralized partner portal, hindering their ability to display their program's value and credibility, attract, and efficiently onboard partners. The absence of a portal made it difficult to demonstrate their commitment and investment to partners, limiting growth within the ecosystem.


After implementing, Flip CX experienced a significant transformation in managing and tracking their partner program. "I view as a way to really systematize business relationships beyond just revenue share," Shawn reflected. Partners now "come in and easily register deals, see the revenue sharing and the assets we have loaded for them, which gives them peace of mind and provides credibility and social proof to our partner program.” This ease of access is complemented by comprehensive visibility, as highlighted by the ability to "fire up and see the entire list of opportunities for our partners, the stage they're working on, and more." Such features underscore the end-to-end tracking and visibility that provides. 

Furthermore, is "literally enabling us to do a lot more with less," Shawn remarked. Before, the alternative would have involved "hacking the CRM or putting some spreadsheet together," a far from ideal scenario for a growing partner program. The platform's quick setup and ease of use meant that there was "no attribution code tracking, there's no testing or engineering work," allowing Flip CX's partner program to be up and running within a tight timeline. This efficiency has empowered Flip CX to confidently tell interested partners, "we can sign you up and you can manage and track everything, not weeks, months, or a year from now, but rather, we can do it today." As a result, has become an indispensable tool for Flip CX, streamlining their partner program management and fostering stronger, more transparent relationships with their partners.



The adoption of by Flip CX has led to remarkable results, fundamentally changing the dynamics of their partner programs. Shawn explained: "our ambassador program would be impossible without You can't say, ‘let me figure it out, let me give you a Google sheet.’ It doesn't meet their bar at all." This transition has enabled Flip CX to work with sophisticated partners and significantly enhanced the professional standing and revenue generation of Flip CX's partner program. 

Internally, has proven to be invaluable across various departments. It "adds a lot of value internally for me with our finance team, marketing team, and even demand generation" facilitating seamless orchestration and showcasing successes across teams. has transformed partnership management into a "more data-driven and more predictable" endeavor, enabling leaders to run their programs with greater efficiency and transparency than ever possible with makeshift spreadsheet solutions. Externally, the response from partners to the platform has been unanimously positive, appreciating both the "easy user interface" and the consolidation of information into "one central source." 

Crucially, has had a profound impact on Flip CX's business outcomes. "More than half of our new business now comes from partners, and almost a third of it comes from our ambassador program alone." has enabled the closure of several deals valued upwards of $250,000. This success not only illustrates the platform's critical importance in Flip CX's growth strategy but also underscores its effectiveness in enhancing and leveraging partner relationships for substantial business gains.


In summary, Flip CX's experience with has been overwhelmingly positive. The platform is praised as being "great for anyone who wants an easy experience and wants something that can be up and running quickly." This ease of implementation and adoption makes an ideal choice not only “for owners of zero to one partner programs as they're looking to scale," but also for "partner leaders in a more mature organization wondering “is there a way to simplify? Is there a way to more easily manage this?”’ as they look to alleviate cumbersome legacy systems that have “grown heavy over time.” Shawn closed by commenting "My team and partners really enjoy using It was certainly the right decision for our team" 

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