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Crossbeam is a leading technology company which allows two companies who partnered together to put real data behind their partnership. We recently spoke to Adam Michalski, VP of Ecosystem at Crossbeam and former CEO of Partnered, now acquired by Crossbeam, about their partner program, some key difficulties, and how they utilized PartnerPortal.io to overcome them. Crossbeam has approximately 30 partners that fall into either the technology partner or solutions partner category. Crossbeam has been utilizing PartnerPortal.io since December of 2021. 


Crossbeam faced a significant challenge in managing their partner-submitted leads. Adam described that, as a smaller team consisting of just two individuals, they found their old method of manually tracking leads to be, “just not scalable. Keeping track of all the different leads that were submitted and making sure that those partners would be paid out for their efforts was done very manually." This manual system, reliant on spreadsheets, posed a significant challenge. 

The second issue Crossbeam grappled with was the need to enhance the experience for their partners, ensuring ease of business transactions and fostering a conducive environment for them to submit deals: "we want to make sure the partners have a good experience -  the tools we provide them need to be easy to use and implemented quickly." Additionally, Crossbeam recognized the potential for increasing the partner-sourced pipeline through a more efficient tool, Adam expressed: "With a tool that makes it much easier for partners to submit deals, then partners are going to submit more, then we have additional pipeline that's going to close faster." 


Crossbeam successfully addressed their partner deal management challenges by implementing PartnerPortal.io, which provided a central system of record for them and their partners to register, track, and report on shared opportunities. This streamlined the registration of deals, providing several benefits, which Adam explained: "this scalable process ensures our partners get the credit that they deserve, we get partner sourced revenue that's legitimate, and that we have an auditable track record of who we need to pay out." This efficient system was a marked improvement from their previous method.

The second major element of the solutions provided by PartnerPortal.io focused on enhancing partner experience with a user-friendly tool, all while remaining within their budget and time constraints. Adam noted, "the usability and quick time to value of PartnerPortal.io really stood out.” Furthermore, the efficiency and simplicity of PartnerPortal.io were particularly beneficial for their limited resources. “Most companies that are strapped for resources or have a smaller partnership team can definitely benefit from the fact that it's not going to require a long, one or two quarter implementation process." This approach not only streamlined operations and improved partner experience, but also ensured that the solution was within their financial constraints.

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Crossbeam's utilization of PartnerPortal.io significantly boosted their ability to scale and track partner sourced revenue, leading to substantial time savings and contributing to a 71% increase in overall partner sourced revenue. Adam mentioned that a member of his team was spending several hours per week manually tracking deal registration and partner revenue - this task has now been cut to minutes. The platform's robust data analytics capabilities also enhanced strategic decision-making. “The data from PartnerPortal.io shows us which partners are driving value and plays a role in our strategic decisions." Furthermore, the focus on reliable partner sourced revenue as a key performance indicator was emphasized: "having a scalable process in place really ensures that we're not letting any revenue slip through the cracks." 

PartnerPortal.io also resulted in a rapid delivery of value to their partners. The positive response from partners was evident: "The partners really appreciated it because it's easier, saves them time, and they now have full visibility into what happens with their deals. There was zero pushback” This efficient implementation and the immediate benefits it brought underscored the effectiveness of PartnerPortal.io in enhancing partner relationships and streamlining processes. Adam closed by commenting: “I would definitely recommend PartnerPortal.io to others. If you need a PRM, aren't looking to break the bank, and want to see quick time to value, PartnerPortal.io is a great solution.”

For more information about PartnerPortal.io, click here to schedule a time to speak with our team, or reach out to sales@partnerportal.io for more information. 

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